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Commercial Property Management Services

McKee Commercial stands as a leading third-party commercial property management service in San Diego County. We handle a broad spectrum of properties, including Office, Retail, and Light Industrial/Flex spaces. Our tenant base is diverse, ranging from small businesses operating in 500 square foot areas to national corporations occupying spaces over 50,000 square feet.

We believe in a personalized approach, tailoring our services to align with the specific needs of each client. We offer our clients the autonomy to decide their level of involvement in the management of their assets.

Creativity is our forte at McKee Commercial. We specialize in devising innovative strategies that not only maintain but also enhance the value of your property, with a focus on maximizing your Net Operating Income (NOI). Partner with us to turn your property into a profitable asset!

21st Century Technology

Our company stands at the forefront of technological innovation, a commitment that not only distinguishes us from our competitors but also enhances our service quality and reduces operational costs. Prospective tenants can explore our available listings through our website, enriched with multiple photographs and virtual tours for selected properties. We offer the convenience of online rent payment and maintenance requests submission, accessible 24/7 from the comfort of their homes. While many of our competitors lag behind in adopting these technological advancements, we continue to lead, ensuring efficient operations and cost savings for our clients.

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Owner Portal Includes:


  • Online Client Login​

  • Monthly Owner Report Archive

  • 12 Month Cash Flow Statement

  • Income Statement

  • Tenant Deliquency Report

  • Balance Sheet

  • Rent Roll

  • Detailed Accounts Receivable

Tenant Portal Provides:
  • ​​Free Online Rent Payments​

  • Ability to submit maintenance requests 

  • Transparent Accounting showing every charge and receipt

  • Available cell phone app for convenient access

  • Professional service

Integrated Leasing Option

If you opt for our commercial leasing services, you’ll benefit from our in-depth knowledge as Property Managers. We understand your property and the local market like no one else. Our commercial property management and leasing teams collaborate, sharing information to identify the ideal tenant and expedite the leasing of your property. We promote your property on renowned commercial real estate platforms such as Loopnet, CoStar, CREXI, Office Space, City Feet, and more. Additionally, we employ unique and innovative strategies to give you an edge (apologies, but we can’t divulge our secrets!).

Option #1:  
Property Management Accounting

Option #2:
Full Service Property Management

Our Basic Level of services are for property owners that prefer to self-manage, interact with their tenants on their own, maintain their long-established relationships, or are just simply not yet ready for a complete change such as retirement. We offer streamlined automated administrative combined with professional CPA accounting services to allow you the time to do what you like to do…   you interact with your valued tenants and we handle the accounting functions.

Basic Service Includes
  • Receive & Record Tenant Rent Payments​

  • Email tenants with account balances twice per month

  • Apply late fees to applicable accounts

  • Process and distribute payments to vendors

  • Pay property taxes and insurance

  • Delinquency automated report sent to Ownership 

  • Rent Roll automated report send to ownership

  • Tenant Ledgers automated report send to ownership

  • Produce & archive monthly Owner Statements

  • Send monthly distributions to ownership

  • Issue property's 1099 tax form for ownership

Service Availability:  All State of California

Full Service Property Property Management is designed for property owners that would prefer or do not have the time to manage their properties themselves.  Our licensed and trained property management professionals administrate just about all aspects of the property management operations.  We handle all the tedious tasks and allow our clients to make all the critical decisions such as sign all lease related documents and approve maintenance repairs over a predetermined limit.   

Full Service Includes

  • 24/7 Emergency maintenance

  • Interact & communicate with tenants

  • Coordinate all tenant maintenance requests

  • Oversee capital improvement projects 

  • Draft lease & related documents

  • Tenant lease negotiations

  • Perform Operating expense reconciliations

  • Monitor tenant liability insurance

  • Monitor vendor liability insurance

  • Pre-screen and verify vendors

  • Regular property & tenant move out inspections

  • Tenant security deposit move out dispositions 

Service Availability:  San Diego County

Our Valued Tenants Include 

Note:  The above list is a small sample of our valued tenants. If you are tenant that would like to be added, please contact us today.

San Diego Commercial Property Manager
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