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Property Management Referrals 
We are actively expanding our Commercial Property Management portfolio and we need your help!  Brokers and Agents earn a referral fee for entrusting your clients with us.
You will always be protected in writing should you choose to handle the sales or rental listings yourself.
Suggested Clients:
  • Self-Managing:  Property Owners that self-manage but you know that the property could potentially earn more income or operate more efficiently.
  • Retiring: . We can work out a plan where the property owners  can be as involved or uninvolved with their properties as they choose and wind down into retirement
  • Recent Sales: This is the time to increase operating efficiencies, decrease expenses and add value in order to maximize returns.  
  • Poor Existing Management:  Unfortunately, we see it too often.  Many property management companies become complacent and choose to do only the minimum and in result the property's potential returns are diminished
Please give us a call or send an email to learn more about our services and other ways we can work together!

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